To accept the premise that the world needs the Re-Emergence of the Divine Feminine, it is necessary to prove that the Divine Feminine has been erased or perhaps suppressed in the last few thousand years. But to do so, in depth, is to retell the stories of abuse, war, neglect and environmental degradation. Do I really need to do this?


I have attended many seminars, speeches, workshops and events that talk about such atrocities, and my criticism is always this: Why did the speaker spend so much time talking about what is wrong and not offering more solutions?


I have no intention to talk about what is wrong. We all know what is wrong – it is everywhere on the planet right now. What I want to offer is hope.


And with this, I declare myself a radical optimist.


The etymology (the study of words and their origins) tells us that the word “radical” comes from the Latin, meaning root. And thus is my intention – I plan to get to the root of Spirit of the Feminine and explore how it can transform a planet of war and fear to bring back a planet of love and peace.


Crazy? Just watch me!


Amor & Luz / Love & Light, Maggi Feehan