In this dramatic feature, three women navigating their flawed lives in 21st century America learn to break their current restraints as their connected past lives from the European Witch Hunts weaves through them in terrifying and liberating ways.

TV Documentaries

Survival of the Fittest – Script Writer  

Survival of the Fittest – Script Writer: One-hour documentary on the West Coast Trial (CTVglobemedia, A-Channel) Leo Award Nominee, 2008

Family Tree Narrative – Pitch & Treatment Writer: Following the lineage of First Nations Families in BC. (APTN, SNC, Book Television)

Good to Go: From Pitch to Premiere – Pitch & Treatment Writer: A 13-part documentary/reality series on the inside world of moving-making (CTVglobemedia, A Channels, CLT) 2005

Flight of BIRD – Script Writer: A half-hour documentary (Knowledge Network)

SNEPNEK: Themes of school withdrawal among First Nations Students – Script Writer: Chairo Productions (1995)


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