AYA – A 120 minute stageplay

What happens when a 16-year old girl is abducted and held captive by two brothers? Aya is a novel that explores three distinct futures that might result from such a trauma. Aya 1 is a Professional Speaker who is both articulate and paranoid, finding love and fearing violence. Aya 2 throws herself into therapy, delving into her darkness with Amazonian plant medicine. Aya 3 is a bank teller, a single-mom of two boys, who loses herself to addiction. The perpetrators, two lost souls, play cards and drink beer as they contemplate the memory of their Mother and plan their hideous deed.

Highway 16 – A 120 minute stageplay

Two teenager girls, separated by race, economic status and culture. One of them hitchhikes on a dangerous highway while the other dreams. For one of them, an open future. For the other, a dangerous end. Together, they reach across time and space to speak a language no one else can hear.

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